Jan 9, 2013

Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments Lectures Available

It's fitting that the inaugural entry on this blog would discuss -- and provide links to -- a  significant achievement -- both for the developing course on Existentialism, and in terms of the online savvy and effort that makes it possible.  Yesterday, from our home office studio, I shot the seventh course lecture on an often-overlooked but brilliant work by one of the fathers of Existentialist Philosophy, Soren Kierkegaard:  his Philosophical Fragments

I had originally intended to shoot three or at most four course videos on that particular work (for comparison's sake, Friedrich Nietzsche's early master-work, The Birth of Tragedy: Out of the Spirit of Music got four one-hour lectures), but just as with writing, you devote to a work the amount of time and space that it demands from you, not what you impose upon it.

The entire sequence of videos on Philosophical Fragments is now available for watching and study.

Eventually, I'll be posting some additional resources on this work -- some handouts, to start with.  Enjoy, learn, and ruminate -- and feel free to comment on the videos themselves in YouTube or on this blog.

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