Jan 15, 2013

Starting a New Nietzsche Sequence

I've been getting quite a few requests that I shoot some lecture videos covering various works by Friedrich Nietzsche -- some for Thus Spoke Zarathustra , others for Beyond Good and Evil, and still others The Will to Power.  I do intend to get to at least the first two of those other works, but the book that I've most been looking forward to systematically studying again has been a longstanding favorite of mine since my graduate school days:  On the Genealogy of Morals.

At this point, I've only shot the first of what I originally intended to be three videos -- since there's three essays -- on the Genealogy:


I suspect, as I outline the main lines of the talks, that I might actually need to stretch the series out to four or five videos. We'll have to see -- much depends on how often I entertain digressions, the number of examples I explore, or what degree of depth we delve into for each essay -- and those are still factors that emerge while I'm in process of recording video.


  1. An Update: the second video in the sequence, discussing the whole of the second essay, has been shot, uploaded, and released in YouTube: http://youtu.be/i5gnYCyKLeQ

  2. Another Update: the third video (of what will now be four) is not available: http://youtu.be/lCYHDR4AhyI