Feb 16, 2013

Interesting Existentialism-Related Tumblr Blogs

Having made some forays into attempting to get a  a Tumblr blog (or two) going -- which is easy -- and then to find the time to keep on with it -- not quite so easy -- I've got a lot of respect for those who work in that electronic medium, and do so well.  From time to time I run across some quite good sites that either focus on or intersect with Existentialism in the Tumblrverse, and so I thought it might be interesting, or at least useful for me, and perhaps for readers, to write them down somewhere. I'll also say just two other things about Tumblr itself -- these might have some implications worth mulling over as well.

The first is that one reason I don't work with Tumblr that much is that I find it somewhat difficult to get the aesthetics right -- Tumblr is a bit unwieldy to work with as far as templates, coding, and all the other stuff that goes into electronic media go.  And, I find -- perhaps this is an entirely personal quirk -- the unsettledness and dissatisfaction with the look, feel, format, ends up bleeding over into my capacities and concentration for decent work as a blogger.  I actually ended up transferring over one of my early blogs, Virtue Ethics Digest, wholesale from Tumblr to Blogger.

The second thing I'll say is that -- particularly prompted by the image rich environment of Pinterest, I've ended up spending quite a bit of time scrolling through Tumblr blogs, many of which tend to be equally image-focused, but which also include snippets and sometimes even studies, in text.  There really has come into being something that we can genuinely call a Tumblr-universe of meaning -- one can poke around down all sorts of pathways, be pulled up short for some time in front of a startling image, speed through dozens or hundreds of others -- it's much like a combination of labyrinth and bazaar, except that you pay only in time.

No, on to the tumblrblogs --I'm sure I'm doubtless leaving some interesting ones out -- but this isn't intended at this point to be a comprehensive listing.  If you know of one that would be germane, let me know about it in a comment.

An Existential Life:   this is an excellent, often updated blog, equally given to picture, to quotation, and to discussion, with the blogger's understanding of Existentialism decidedly slated towards the Sartrean version (I know this, from some back and forth dialogue with him about his manifesto, focused on the question of who can provide a metaphysical basis for existentialism -- he thinks just mainly Sartre, I think also Kierkegaard, Marcel, and in his own way, Shestov).  Another nice feature of this blog is that he also extends existentialism into many a nook and cranny of later modern culture, even down to the present.

Thus Spoke Nietzsche:  another quite impressive, largely text-based blog, realizing a project of providing commentary upon -- and sometimes interaction about -- passages from Nietzsche's works.  As a scholar of Existentialism, I don't always agree with all of the interpretations, but I have to say, this is such a great idea that someone needed to do it, and I'm glad that this writer did

So You Think You Can Dostoevsky? a decent, Fyodor-focused site, with a nice mix of images, quotations, and even some humor.  If you like this one you might also like digging around in another, vaster site, simply titled Dostoyevsky

Fear and Trembling: also a decent, Kierkegaard-focused site, by a guy who is particularly interested in parallels between Kierkegaard and early Christian monasticism

Dedicated to Sartre:  strikes me as a pretty good description of it -- quotes and pictures . . . and plenty of them

Hugging the Horse:  not strictly speaking an "existentialist" site, but it is one of the best philosophy-related humor sites -- with original content by its writer -- I've come across on the internet. Smart, sassy, not taking itself too seriously, but also getting the philosophy right (I sent my wife the Kierkegaard Valentine's Day card from the site this week).

If you like this kind of humor. . .  you might also find Happy Heidegger as hilarious as I do

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