May 26, 2013

New Heidegger Video

Updating this blog -- designed as a sort of repository for resources I'll eventually be using to provide a series of online courses on Existentialism -- is long overdue.  Now that I've got a bit more free time in the Summer months, I'm getting back on track with shooting videos and curating resources that will be useful for teaching about Existentialism, hopefully starting this Fall.

One of the recent additions to the Existentialism playlist is a video on one of Heidegger's essays that, at least for me, stands among is most interesting works -- On the Essence of Truth.  The translation I'm using in the from the Basic Writings volume

An issue which I need to explore and explain a bit in a future post -- which inevitably gets raised when we think about Heidegger and Existentialism, as well as by this particular piece -- is this:  To what extent is Heidegger really an Existentialist thinker?  In a certain sense, he seems to be doing metaphysics in the grand sense, which really ought to be universal, getting at what is most fundamental.  So, does that leave the individual, the contingent, the historical, the situational -- the existential -- aside or behind?

But, setting that thorny topic aside for the time being, let me just mention what other videos I'm planning on shooting on this seminal thinker's works this summer -- deferring any excursions into Being and Time for later this Fall.  What seem to me the most essential pieces (pun entirely intended!) are these:

I'm also rather keen on doing some lectures on Heidegger's own course lectures, in particular on those he devoted to Nietzsche (available in a two book set, Volumes 1/2, and Volumes 3/4) -- it seems to me quite important, in the study of Existentialism, to take into account precisely what these later thinkers make of the earlier thinkers.

If there's other works by Heidegger readers -- and those particularly interested down the line in taking these classes -- think I ought to engage, let me know in a comment below.

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