Aug 14, 2013

New Heidegger Video Series In the Works

My plans to shoot a slew of new Existentialism videos over the summer fell afoul of an unplanned injury -- tearing two tendons in my left knee, washing off out in high-tide Atlantic waves, early on in June.  It's kept me off my feet and from in front of my blackboard for several months.

Yesterday, however, I resumed filming videos in the Existentialism sequence, starting with a set specifically on Martin Heidegger's essay "The Origin of the Work of Art" (which you can find in his Basic Writings).

I expect that it will require at least two more hours worth of discussion -- two course videos -- to make our way through the entirety of this rich, dense work.

While having to admit that I definitely feel the effects of standing to lecture for the roughly 1/2 hours required to generate the footage, I'm nevertheless very excited to be beginning this work again.  You can expect to see more Heidegger later this week. Then, I'll be shifting to the works of another Existentialist thinker, one often and unfortunately overlooked, Lev Shestov.

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