Jul 22, 2014

Glimpses Into Existence Video Series

Some time has passed since I've posted on this blog -- or any of my blogs, for that matter -- but it's not been due to inactivity in other venues on my part.  In fact, I've been developing a full 12 week, for-credit course on Existentialist Philosophy and Literature (more about that in future posts), which I hope to offer through Oplerno this Fall.

I'd like to highlight another project connected with Existentialism -- the Kingston Library asked me to develop a year-long set of monthly talks on Philosophy, so I decided to focus on Existentialism, and I've been offering them to the general public since January.  The series is called Glimpses into Existence, and in it I'm covering eleven key Existentialist thinkers.

We're now halfway through the sequence, having discussed Existentialism in general, the three "grandfathers" of the movement -- Kierkegaard, Dostoyevsky, and Nietzsche -- and several of the second generation Existentialists -- Rilke and Shestov.  I'll be talking about Kakfa this Saturday.

If you're in the Hudson Valley area in New York, consider stopping by -- we get some lively discussions going.  If not, we've actually videorecorded all of the earlier sessions, and we'll be recording this one as well.  Here's links to the previous sessions:

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