Aug 17, 2014

Glimpses Into Existence: Franz Kafka

Having intended to write a bit about one of the interesting points made by some of my interlocutors -- the people who participate in the monthly lecture series at the Kingston Library -- during the most recent session, devoted to the works of Franz Joseph Kafka (a discussion I'll write about soon in another post), I realize that I'd entirely forgotten to post the video footage from that discussion here!

How fitting is it not, that ellipsis -- as usual, you might say, by routine, I posted a link to that video on my other forms of social media -- ranging from Facebook to Google+ to Twitter and LinkedIn, and then failed to put it on my one site specifically dedicated to Existentialism!

In any case, here it is:

I particularly enjoy these sessions, I have to say.  This one in particular was not only well-attended, but also provoked some good back and forth discussion between the participants.

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