Jan 8, 2015

Final Glimpses Into Existence Lecture: Gabriel Marcel.

We finished up the year of monthly lectures on Existentialism at the Kingston Library by turning to another one of the French, "third-wave" Existentialist thinkers -- Gabriel Marcel.

He is actually one of my favorites among the Existentialists -- and he's someone whose work I've written a bit about and even translated in the past (I included a two-part article of his in my 2011 book, Reason Fulfilled By Revelation) -- so I was very much looking forward to this lecture! I spent a good portion of it discussing Marcel's distinction between "mystery" and "problem," but we strayed through a number of other Marcellian themes (like his concerns about technology), eventually discussing his reworking of traditional concepts of faith, hope, and charity -- transforming faith into creative fidelity, and rethinking charity as "availability."

As it turned out, a number of the regular participants from the previous eleven lectures showed up for this last session, so the discussions -- which I'd intended to bring everything to a close, in part by noting connections between Marcel and the other Existentialists -- possessed excellent continuity with the series as a whole.

We're now brainstorming about what to do with the lecture series itself.  They turned out to be quite popular -- both in person, in the face to face sessions, and on YouTube itself.  We have a set of twelve videos of lecture and discussion, each from 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.  I've developed some handouts that went along with the lectures, and I suppose I could develop additional ones.  Perhaps a reading list, or even discussion questions might be useful as well.

But where should all of this go?  Here?  A different website?  Onto something like a CD or DVD?  It's something worth devoting some reflection and consideration to. . .  so any ideas are quite welcome!

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